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Save Time

We’ve all experienced the Social-Media-Time-Suck when you’re trying to post for your business.  Use your valuable time to work with your customers and we’ll take care of your social media profile for you.

Quality Posts

We work with you to ensure that your posts are all strategically tailored to your target market.  We use our experience to include intriguing text, relevant hashtags and creative images.  This partnership creates a better experience for your customers.

Remove Frustrations

With so many mixed messages out there, social media can be completely frustrating.  Give yourself a break and let us take care of your social media as though it was our own.  We’ll work closely with you to make sure your social media compliments your other marketing messages and make you look like the professional that you are.

Add Value

Give your customers even more with a strong social media presence.  This added value will not only make your current customer-base happier and feel more connected, it will bring new customers to your business and create a raving fan-base.

Basic Facebook

  • Five weekday posts
  • Creative images with each post
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Intriguing text
  • Established social marketing techniques
  • Strategically tailored to your target audience
  • 6-month minimum commitment

Premium Facebook

  • Five weekday posts
  • Creative images with each post
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Intriguing text
  • Established social marketing techniques
  • Strategically tailored to your target audience
  • Managing user interaction
  • Responding to messages as able
  • Quarterly cover image updates
  • Option to use own images
  • 6-month minimum commitment


  • Five weekday posts
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Tailored to target market
  • Managing user interaction
  • Option to use your own images
  • 6-month minimum commitment
Your Social Media

Our Ninja-like Skills

Targeted Ads
Fully Automated
Social Consultant

That perfect mix of “show me how” and “do it for me”.  Let us help guide you through the ins and outs of Facebook so you can work it like a pro.  We’ll stay with you to help when you need it and keep you focused on your over arching marketing message.  We’ll be there cheering you on while you create a contingency of loyal fans.

Stay Top of Mind

Our Basic Facebook plan allows your business to stay top of mind with your customers while not taking up any of your valuable time.  Or take advantage of our premium offering for an even greater experience for your customers.  We’ll take care of your social media image, you take care of your business.

Just 15 Minutes a Day

Let us teach you how to simplify the process of growing your circle of influence in just 15 minutes a day.  Our step-by-step program walks you through finding the right people and connecting with them by adding value to their lives.

Greater Exposure

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with the right people in the right way.  Avoid the hassle of spending your valuable time using LinkedIn incorrectly and let us walk with you through a customized process that takes less effort than you think with greater rewards in the end.

Strategically Tailored

Online advertising can be complicated.  We’re here to help simplify this task for you.  By learning about your business, target market and individual goals we can make online advertising easier than ever and grow your business faster than before.

Monitoring and Reporting

Are you unsure if your advertising is effective?  Monitoring your ads and reporting those results to you is a big part of what we to help you become more successful.  We not only give you the numbers behind what’s happening with your ads, we walk with you through those results and help advise on adjustments to make your marketing campaigns even more successful.

Social Consultant

Have you ever wanted someone to just help you through the complexities that abound in online marketing?  We love helping businesses understand the aspects of online marketing and use that knowledge to grow their business quickly.  From marketing calendars and targeting the “right” audience to how-to’s and accountability, we will walk with you through every part of your online marketing efforts and help you get results faster.

A True Partnership

Get all the benefits of a full-time employee without the expense.  We partner with you to learn about your business and then use that information to create a custom marketing plan to help you reach your goals faster.  Using our experience with online marketing and your knowledge of your business and target markets, we will make a great team and by using our skills you’ll have more time to spend doing the work you truly love.

Save Time & Money

No more second guessing, no more feeling like you’re wasting both your time and money on marketing that doesn’t get you results.  Use our skills to grow your business in less time.  We’re passionate about online marketing so you don’t have to be.  Let us take care of your marketing so you can have more time to do what you truly love.

Together We Can

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