Day 1 - Replay - Target Audience

In Day 1 we cover how defining your ideal client and really getting to know them will save you money, attract more leads and close more sales.

Day 2 - Going from Unknown to Known

Day 2 is all about going from unknown to known and I illustrate how marketing and sales is like finding a date in a crowded bar and getting them to marry you.

Day 3 - Creating your Lead Magnet

Day 3 is where we cover what and when to post on social media and what ingredients are in the BEST lead magnets.

Day 4 - Nurturing the Relationship

Day 4 is all about nurturing the relationship with your leads and how continuing to design incredible “dates” will eventually lead to sales.  We also cover automation because no one has time to manage their leads manually.

Day 5 - Closing the Sales Loop

Today we close the sales loop and by taking 3 main areas into consideration we can generate more YESES than ever before.

Q&A Session

Answering all your questions about marketing & sales from emails, DMs and Live callers.

Bonus Session

In this bonus session I show you how this has worked for businesses just like yours and how this framework, mathematically, makes your business growth not only possible but inevitable!